Urgent warning of possible fraud

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear EPAL licensees,

We are currently observing that EPAL pallets and other pallets are being offered at noticeably low prices by a company allegedly based in Poland. The company in question, whose name we are currently unable to disclose due to ongoing investigations, was not previously known in Poland, neither as a supplier of pallets nor as a buyer or dealer of pallets, although the very professionally designed website claims to work with a large number of well-known companies.We would therefore like to warn you once again and generally against ordering pallets from companies with which you have not previously worked and paying the purchase price in full or in part before receiving the pallet delivery. In these cases, there is a great risk that pallets will not be delivered and the deposit will be completely lost. Please inform the employees of your company about this warning so that pallets are not ordered out of ignorance and the purchase price is paid in advance, thereby causing considerable financial damage.

The suspicious offer comes from a company that does not have an EPAL license. We therefore strongly recommend that you only buy EPAL pallets and other pallets from companies that have an EPAL license. The EPAL license guarantees the quality of the EPAL pallets supplied and the reliability of the company. If problems arise with the delivery of EPAL pallets, EPAL can only provide support if the supplier of the pallets is an EPAL licensee.